Not one to follow other's leads, Jason has had an interesting life to date. As a child, his favorite classes were always science and art. As a high school junior, Jason was convinced he was going to go on to be some sort of scientist. Luckily, his high school AP biology teacher, Mrs. Patricia Miller, opened his eyes to the exciting possibility of combining his two favorite subjects into one exciting career - Medical Illustration.

After four intensive years of study at RIT in Rochester, NY, Jason graduated with highest honors and landed his first full time medical illustration gig. Now AMI certified, he has spent the past several years working in the Medical-Legal field. After several years of using his creativity for other endeavors such as Lindy Hop, surfing and bouldering, he has returned to his fine art roots.

"My paintings aim to capture the soul of the Jazz performer. Jazz is truly an American art form. Hopefully, my bright Jazz pieces capture the essence of what the artist and fan alike admire about this wonderful form of music. Personally, I was drawn to Jazz, being exposed to Lindy Hop, a dance born from the sheer excitement of jazz in the 1930's, and after years of dancing, performing and having a great time being part of the "swing dancing scene," I started to slow down a bit and get back to my first passion, "Fine Art."